Here are few of the upcoming events in 2017!

APRIL 6th: Corsets to crinolines at 6pm

Peek into the wardrobe of a Victorian lady as Kim demonstrates the daily dressing rituals required of women during the 19th century, specifically the 1860s. Learn proper etiquette and fashion styles of the Victorian era. The language of the fan, a humorous look at Victorian communications between ladies and gentlemen, is also presented.

APRIL 21st & 22nd: The Hunley Exhibit at the Rice Festival

One of the most tragic events of American History is often overlooked and forgotten, but for seven young men and their commanding officer history was made in a night of glory and sacrifice.  For the first time in history a submarine was used as a military means to attack and sink a hostile vessel from beneath the surface of the ocean.  On the night of February 17, 1864, the Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley became the first submarine in history to sink an enemy ship, a sloop-of-war, the U.S.S Housatonic.

May 13th: Grand Opening of the 2017 Farmers Market Season

Join us for fresh vegetables, food, face painting, live music by Going To The Dogs Band, beautiful crafts and familiar faces. Saturday hours have changed to 9am-1pm.

May 13th: CAlligraphy Class at 10am & 12pm

Join the Colleton Museum and instructor Natasha Lawrence to learn the fundamental art of Calligraphy for any season and occasion! Topics include: Italian Italics, cursive writing, accents and flourishes, envelope addressing and resources. No previous experience or artistic ability are required. Guides, practice papers, and calligraphy pens will be provided!

Please call ahead for reservations. Space is limited to 20 per class. $30 per ticket.